Pre-PhD Research Work

Here are some of my research work before I started my PhD studies at Bocconi.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • “The ADB COVID-19 Policy Database: A Guide to Understanding Changes in Sectoral Balances and Private Sector Financial Positions in 2020.” Asian Development Review, vol. 38, no. 02, 2021, pp. 1–29., (with Felipe, Jesus and Fulwiller, Scott)

  • "Impact of Advertisements on Philippine Financial Service Firms' Stock Returns". Philippine Management Review, 28: 25-36, 2021, (with Centeno, Dave).

Business Cases

  • “Potato Corner: Expansion into the world’s largest markets. Cases in International Business, UP Business Research Foundation Inc. and Development Center for Finance. 2021 (with Lacaba, Mydia Merdeka)

  • "PLDT and Foreign Ownership Restriction." Chapter 15, Cases in Corporate Governance, UP Business Research Foundation, Inc. and Development Center for Finance, Inc., pages 525-556, 2020, (with Borja, Daniel Vincent).

Book Chapter

  • “Key responses to COVID-19 by economies in the Asia and the Pacific: An update from the ADB COVID-19 policy database." Navigating COVID-19 in Asia and the Pacific, Chapter 1, 42-47. Manila: Asian Development Bank, 2020, (with Felipe, Jesus).

Working Papers

  • "An analysis of the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic: What and how much?" (December 2020). Asian Development Bank. (with Felipe, J., Fulwiller, S. Bajaro, D, Cruz, M., Askin, S.)


  • “Why the Feldstein-Horioka “Puzzle” remains unsolved”, (with Felipe, Jesus and Fulwiller, Scott).– Monetary Economics Seminar, Kobe University; International Economics Seminar, University of Tokyo, January 2022.

  • “Remittance and risk: Do remittance-receiving households take on more financial risks?”, (with Angeli Juani). The 55th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Philippine Economic Society, Quezon City, November 2017.

  • “Multiple corporate objectives and performance contracts: The case of Philippine government financial institutions”, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) Conference 2017, Seoul, South Korea, September 2017.